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"Brand image of the household washing machines, often by pressing a button that is represented by the old image of the laundry and washer women were away. Washing wak process, wak a great metamorphosis experienced in the years 1970-1950. In fact, washing a unique example of hard work and daily routine after the Modernization and industrialization, came into the house. With the invention of the washing machine, washing clothes of a collective ritual became public and a private individual. Social and cultural changes that are often described as "modernism" is the sum of the effects of many of the traditional methods of washing clothes on the left. In the past this process, not an automatic machine for Shdtyafth standards of cleanliness, was a difficult task. The constant struggle to keep clothes wak clean white linen, and increased frequency wak of washing it in the late 19th century, as part of health care, it seemed logical. In traditional laundry and linen water was available in the public space for women. In rural areas, wak women's place in the public space occupied Shtshv and wash turned wak into a big event and special custom. In cities such as Paris and London, but the professional laundry downstairs and poor women and servants, who did it in public spaces for washing. Rkhtshvykhanhhay wak 19th century at the time of the public areas were courting women. Today laundry, household, but never been integrated into the home environment. All things about the washing and drying clothes and the clothes basket and scattered in different parts of the house and do not place the unit on its own. Today, wak however, increased standards of cleanliness but the laundry, amateur, and also more ambiguous than is worthless. Change to clean dirty, wrinkles to Atvkshydh and the issues surrounding it, the interesting topics that have been discussed in this chapter. "
Above, portions of the article "Home of the wash" the book "at home, a home atmosphere anthropology" has been published and the difficulties in cleaning the house style that has targeted a new experience in our homes. Attachments, features a housewife from his home and Zysthash experience of the washing in one of the apartments in Tehran today is another wak story, and see the question above picture is not without its.
Home Home and culture" from here to all the interested amateur and professional field are invited to send their concerns in writing or image, the better the issues, but the very apparently trivial Srnvshtsaz in the field to help .
As of articles published by "cultural anthropology" are enjoying the free dissemination of useful, you know, be careful wak to continue working on this site and other services of anthropology and culture, along with the scientific cooperation, the need for colleagues and fans to donate wak all there.
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