Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After each use, opening the washing machine a few times to let air exchange occurs completely dry,

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Washing machine because it is a clean and pollution-free cleanser is not necessarily due to moisture and water provides the perfect place for germs and bacteria to grow, maybe not stain the clothes are taken out of the washing machine and clean the dirt can not be one hundred percent clothing steamer of the for having clean clothes to the laundromat to clean it every once in a while and it depends on your usage, clothing steamer if the laundromat for cleaning the clothes clothing steamer washing machine, the baby is suggested that the washing of at least 2 times you do in a month.
1 - Abtdaaz start washing detergent compartment: the bottom chamber is the mass later and algae-like layer is formed on the sidewalls and therefore most of the chamber out of washing machines, washing chamber, and the mass separate like an ordinary toothbrush and detergent hand washing powder or shampoo to use.
2 - At the bottom of the body of the washing machine filter housing clothing steamer is located in one of the spaces in this section is considered contaminate the washing machine, the outside of the filter with the same brush and detergent wash, do not forget the filter chamber exposure.
3 - Most washing machines have a rubber clothing steamer strip inside the entrance there: preferably after each use and clean it with a super floor with a towel to completely dry, often dirty water in the space between the rubber bands stay and unloading that ignoring it will not make a bad smell in the washing machine.
4 - Steel Boiler Washing machine: the appearance is quite clean but notice the many holes in the container is a perfect place for crime and pollution, to clean the pot every month around the washing machine clear to empty the work You more clean glass of soda or a dishwasher tablets look into it and turn on the machine, make sure the water temperature is 60 degrees to do a complete clean up to be done.
After each use, opening the washing machine a few times to let air exchange occurs completely dry, try replacing Mayhay washing the use of washing dried, and the not remains Liquid Washing compartment.
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