Friday, June 27, 2014

Mohammed Than Poor, head of the Union of home appliances, with an emphasis on the handling and inst

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Baslam automatic feed sold in low prices
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Mohammed Than Poor, head of the Union of home appliances, with an emphasis on the handling and installation of Duty Headquarters Publishing counterfeit labels Garantyhay smuggling, said the law should be the case if it went to Chapkhanhay to print fake Garantyhay press the relevant unions and government agencies relevant to the inquiry.
He pointed out that the current number of appliances with warranty fake Chinese brands in the market is high, he after sales services, quality and price must be approved iron sky online by Print Garantyha iron sky online then than acting are Unions concerned said.
This entry Thanpvr iron sky online emphasized that we have but to consider the distribution of household tasks of Smuggling in the market is not made clear in the Chinese Laundry enter the market is currently the maximum of the the price of 150 thousand 700 USD selling.
Head of Household Union stating iron sky online that the price of the ironed fake it no more than 40 dollars are being distributed in the market with high prices, said on France irons fitted iron sky online and has a warranty but actually produced in China with warranty counterfeit .
Thanpvr emphasized that the private sector, we know our market is full of fake Chinese goods with Garantyhay how the government may be unaware of it, reiterated the government time to address this issue does not have to deal with the If the private sector.
Head of Household Union continued Chinese fake brands on the market are too many of them do not even factories. For example, counterfeit famous brands of appliances imported from China with fake holograms and warranty are being distributed in the market.
Than pour at the end stating that the goods are imported from China said Garantyhay also printed in printing presses and appliances, for example, is a fake and authentic with serial number sold with a warranty, but when to use the services of consumer After attending the sale will be realized and warranty of the product is counterfeit. Previous steel: About Uncle board decides iron sky online later represent Branch: up to 2 weeks after being planted thousands of trees in the apple orchard
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