Friday, June 13, 2014

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Deadlift: 20 kg 20 x 1 40 kg 10 x 1 50 kg 8 x 1 60 kg, 6 x 1 70 kg 2 x 1 80 kg 1 1 60 kg, 6 x 1 40 kg 10 1 Would have removed 40 kg and donated 50 Directly, may be next time. But as you can see I do pyramid sets. LOVE IT! Pull-ups: inoksan 4 x 1 3 x 2 Was completely dead, both Physically and mentally after the deadlift haha .. Gotta work on the pull-ups again ... One hand row with dumbbell: 15 kg 10 1 17.5 kg, 10 2 Standing lat pull the cable machine with straight arms: 32 kg, 10 x 3 Standing Row in cable machine with your knees bent, cruel exercise for the whole body: 45 kg, 10 3 pulldown with wide grip: 39 kg, 10 2 Pull-ups natural grip: 5 x 3 Became a bit longer back workouts today with 6 exercises plus pull-ups for biceps, inoksan felt really good and had no swelling or similar. Wonderful!
2 comments on the post "Back Pass" Fia Hello! You are a great inspiration to me and I've been training for a long time but have only now added in another gear so to speak. I have a question for you who have experience with weight loss, I feel that my stomach is more "doughy" now than before I trained. I guess the fat and dissolve, but it's really hard to feel even more out of shape as well. How did you notice that the fat gave in and do you know if it gladly gets a bit "doughy" when it decreases?
Hello! I have a question .. This is how I sag very much and may therefore inoksan sore back when I train my stomach. I wonder how long it will take approx to strengthen the abdominal muscles, how often and what should you train in order to strength the stomach in the best way? (Very weak stomach) I have read that if you sag much should you train your abs, butt and back thighs. Hug :)
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