Monday, June 9, 2014

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I'm so happy! wire baskets Finally I solved the problem of Spanish grocery stores do not have any organic products! Or our small Carrefour has actually part but the last few weeks so have apples been the only organic wire baskets fruit which gets a bit monotonous. And I'd rather not give oekologisk fruit to In considering scares pumped out every week about all the toxins that fruit contains.
I knew there is a Saturday market with eco-products from the Guadalhorce but have never managed to get away. And so it turned out that they have a website where you can order online; Delivery on Wednesdays in Málaga city and on Thursdays on the other coast.
I ordered; wire baskets 1 kg avocado, 1 kg squash, 1/4 kg cherries, 12 eggs, 1/2 kg kiwi, 1/2 kg of apples, 1/2 kg peaches, oranges 5 kg, 1 kg potatoes 1 kg cucumber, 1/2 kg pears, 1/2 kg green pepper, 1/2 kg leek, 2 kg tomatoes 1 kg carrots and sliced bread. It cost 38 euros and thus free delivery to your door. I'm a little bad at estimating how much this actually is but it does not feel dangerously wire baskets expensive. In any case, it's worth it!
Imagine that we have a whole valley full of organic fruit and veg, just around the corner, and not a single trace of this in the grocery stores! It is to me a mystery. But from now on I will try the weekly shop online.
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