Saturday, September 20, 2014

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The term 'order' (order), it is meant as a walk-in or exit from the transaction. Is enough to know the main types of commands in order to start trading in the FOREX market. Market order (market order)
Suppose the current EUR / USD currency weatherproof 'bid' (the price at which the currency market to purchase) price is 1.2050, and you want to sell the currency weatherproof at 1.2070. In this case, you could sit at your computer and wait for the EUR / USD 'bid' price to the desired level, and the order of the market. Alternatively, you can instruct the sales order entry limited to 1.2070. If the market reaches the 'bid' price in your local currency will be sold automatically. Stop entry order (stop-entry order)
Suppose currency GBP / USD 'experts' (the price at which the market sells currency) price is equal to 1.5050, and you want to buy the currency at 1.5070. You can instruct the stop-entry order to purchase 1.5070, and the transaction will be executed automatically when it reaches the set price level. Stop-loss order (stop-loss order)
It is important to remember that the order type. Stop-loss order to avoid further losses if the currency price to you deviate unfavorably. Stop-loss order remains active until the position is liquidated or rescinded the stop-loss order.
Let's say you bought EUR / USD at 1.2230, and the exchange provided a stop-loss order at 1.2200. If the price of the currency will fall and reach undesirable 1.2200 limit order is triggered and the currency will be automatically sold (30 'pips' loss). Continuing Stop Order (trailing stop order)
Let's say you sell JPY / USD exchange rate and the 90.80 puts 20 'pips' stop ongoing order. Initially, the stop-loss point is at 91.00, because to you, the JPY / USD exchange value falls. If the price of the currency reaches 90.50 limit, stop-loss point becomes the new 90,70. If the price moves against you, the stop-loss point will remain in place. Essential advice before trading weatherproof on the FX market 'Demo' brokerage accounts
You should be marketed with 'demo' account until the emergence of a stable, profitable trading weatherproof system before speculating on real money! Initially, use only one currency pair
Working with several currency pairs may soon become too complicated, it is advisable to focus on one at the beginning of the main (major) currencies, as they are liquid and have low dispersion (spread). A little bit of intimidation all FX market makes investors failed transactions
It is advisable to begin to speculate on the FX exchange with a minimum $ 10,000 initial weatherproof capital that you can afford to lose. If you want to start trading as soon as possible in the hope to earn fast, you should not be here. FX market, earning only a small percentage of investors who, above all, has an iron discipline. Forex trading is a skill that takes time to master. Therefore, if you want to have a chance of success, and prepare diligently to learn and a lot of patience to accumulate experience. In order to succeed in the currency market is not short cuts.
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