Thursday, September 11, 2014

We had been chatting for several days as he was apparently waiting to charge frigidaire gallery dish

| steamname: albera | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:64268661 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
| steamname: Darth Zed | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:21204267 frigidaire gallery dishwasher | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
We had been chatting for several days as he was apparently waiting to charge frigidaire gallery dishwasher his paypal frigidaire gallery dishwasher account to buy an unusual frigidaire gallery dishwasher and several other items from me. He messaged me saying he way ready, got my email info and claimed he wanted to send the money after. Being gun shy, I came to steam rep first and found 3 scam reports against him for this exact situation. Reading them, one chat log seemed to be exactly our conversation. >waiting to charge >taking several minutes to get paypal ready > confirming the email twice >wanting to get items first >and sending me a block with the trade info and the phrase "Will not chargeback after trade" Which ended in him taking an unusual and not sending any money. After I mentioned I was reading steam rep, he quickly stated he understands I want money first and removed me from his friends list.​ Provide Evidence:
I have a large section of the chat, everything was before this was just haggling frigidaire gallery dishwasher and making the deal talked about in this chat, it was originally 150 for an unusual, then 180 for the same unusual plus 7 painted vintage hats. It's somewhat large being as it stretched over 3 days as he was apparently frigidaire gallery dishwasher getting money to charge his paypal.​
Messages: frigidaire gallery dishwasher 5 Steam: STEAM_0:1:21204267
Oh, and I forgot to mention, however it is in chat. He claims to have 20+ pages of rep on his profile. However on his profile is just the phrase "I have over 20 pages of rep" with no link or proof of the actual rep existing.
I agree, that is true. It was just quite suspicious that he ran off the moment I said I was looking at his steamrep. Like literally I said that and he replied and removed me within frigidaire gallery dishwasher 10-15 seconds. And another report, granted one that didn't have screenshots but just a copied chat log, does have essentially the exact same chat log almost word for word he gave me and that one DID (at least claim) to end with stolen items. Only difference with me is I always go for money first out of principle, rather lose a trade than get scammed like that, so I didn't actually fall into this scam if indeed that was what it was so I don't have the definitive proof of a finalized scam. Also he DID lie about having a bunch of positive rep so that's gotta be a black mark. You can see he said it in the screen shotted logs, and go to his profile and see there isn't any rep nor a link to any source of rep.
Aeryhal , Aug 18, 2014
Click to expand... Sure, that said I didn't fall for it so this particular action isn't in my history, in fact my paypal is empty for like a year since I never use it. And yeah, I noticed the comments section afterwards, I think it didn't load for me when I first looked at his profile, the steam community was kinda bugging out when I did.
Hello, i'm albera. I saw this report and i didn't say to him that i have to go first, and he didn't gave me items too.
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