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a - b: Water is pumped from the pressure P 2 to P 1. This step is isentropis compression stroke, an

Working Principle of Steam Power Plant technology information
Power plant is a thermal power plant types are widely used, because of the high efficiency to generate electricity economically. Power plant is an energy conversion engine that converts the chemical energy in a fuel into electrical energy.
Energy conversion process in the plant progresses through three stages: First, the chemical energy in the fuel is converted into heat energy in the form of vapor pressure and high temperature. Second, the thermal energy (steam) is converted into mechanical energy in the form of a round. Third, the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.
Power plant uses water vapor working fluid circulating in a closed session. Closed-cycle means using the same fluid repeatedly. The order of circulation is briefly as follows: First the water filled into the boiler to fill the entire surface area of heat transfer. Water in the boiler is heated by the hot gases of combustion fuel with air so it turns into steam. Second, production of steam boilers with pressure and temperature are directed to turn turbines to produce mechanical power in the form of a round. Third, the generator is directly coupled to the rotating turbine produces dryer plug adapter electricity as a result of the rotation of the magnetic field inside the coil, so that when the rotating dryer plug adapter turbine generated electrical energy from the generator output terminals Fourth, the former Steam turbine dryer plug adapter exit to enter the condenser is cooled with cooling water to change back into water called condensate water. Condensate water vapor condensation is then used again as a boiler water filler. Thus the cycle goes on and on and over and over again.
Duty cycle is a closed cycle power plant which can be described dryer plug adapter by the diagram T - s (Temperature - entropy). This cycle is the application of the ideal Rankine cycle. The sequence of steps is as follows:
a - b: Water is pumped from the pressure P 2 to P 1. This step is isentropis compression stroke, and this process occurs at the water pump filler. b - c: The pressurized water temperature is raised until it reaches boiling point. Occurred in the LP heater, heater and Economiser HP. . c - d: Water transformed into saturated steam. This step is called vapourising (evaporation) with isobars isothermis process, occurs in the boiler is in the tube wall (riser) and the steam drum. d - e: Vapor steam is heated further until its temperature reaches further into hot steam (superheated vapor). This step occurs in the boiler superheater with the isobars. e - f: Steam do the work so that the pressure and temperature drop. This step is a step isentropis expansion, and occur within the turbine. f - A: Disposal of latent heat that turns into water vapor condensate. This step is isothermis isobars, and occurs in the condenser.
Steam turbine is used to convert dryer plug adapter the heat energy contained in the steam into rotary energy (mechanical energy). Turbine shaft is coupled to the generator shaft so that when the turbine rotates the generator also rotates.
This equipment is used to convert sea water (brine) into fresh water (fresh water) by distillation method (a combination of evaporation and condensation). This is due to the corrosive nature of sea water, so if the sea water is allowed dryer plug adapter direct entry into the main unit, it can cause damage to plant equipment.
Has the same functionality as the desalination plant but used different methods. This equipment is used on semi-permeable membrane that can filter out salts contained in sea water, so it can produce fresh water such as the desalination plant.
Serves to eliminate dryer plug adapter the mineral content (ions) contained in fresh water. Water as the working fluid must be free from the power plant minerals, because if the water still contains minerals means that conductivity dryer plug adapter is still high which can result in the induction GGL when the water is passed through piping lines in the plant. This can lead to corrosion of plant equipment.
Serves to produce a compound of sodium hipoclorit (NaOCl) is used to intoxicate / weaken marine micro-organisms in water intake area. This is intended to avoid the occurrence of pengerakkan (scaling) the condenser pipes and Desal unit due to the proliferation of micro-organisms of the sea.
In general, an oil-fired boiler (fuel oil), which serves to produce a vapor (steam) which is used during start-up and main boiler as steam auxiliary (auxiliary dryer plug adapter steam).
A processing unit which serves both the ash falling ash (bottom ash) and fly ash (fly ash) of Electrostatic Precipitator hoppers and SDCC (Submerged Drag Chain Conveyor) on the main unit to the shelter ash (ash valley)

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