Monday, October 20, 2014

The requirements for the issuance of SKCK: 1 Creating a New. Bringing Letter from the Village Offic

Steam Power Plant (Power Plant) multimatic located in the village Paiton Binor, Paiton subdistrict, Probolinggo, East Java, which is the largest capacity power plant in Indonesia, which is 815 MW. The existence Paiton also a blessing for many people who rent houses for employees working maupunmitra Paiton. The existence of the rice shop stalls located on the edge of the road which is only about 2 miles from Paiton and strategic, multimatic so many people who stopped by the stall, including employees Paiton. Turnover is quite good.
On 2 May 2014 we stopped multimatic at the Paiton power plant, exactly at 3 am we break for tourist touring trip in the island of gods. Morning mood with light from Paiton power plant, making the atmosphere more beautiful at night. The existence of stalls - stalls on the roadside multimatic made us to stop to eat and rest a while. with a little bit tired and sleepy atmosphere make some of us decided to sleep while waiting for food, and there are some cool photos and jokes to fill the silence of the night.
Sense of community when it was attached in the evening, tiredness not hinder our trip kepulau gods, because in every moment there is always laughter diselah - Shelah multimatic our time. After quite a break we continued our journey, but we can not forget multimatic the moments - moments of togetherness when shared - each other bikers friend
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The requirements for the issuance of SKCK: 1 Creating a New. Bringing Letter from the Village Office domicile pe ...

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