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A processing unit which serves both the ash and the ash fall (bottom ash) and fly ash (fly ash) fro

Steam Power is a generation that relies on kinetic energy of steam to produce electricity energy. The main form of this power plant is connected to a turbine generator which is driven aegyo by the kinetic energy of hot steam / dry. Steam power plants use a variety of fuels, especially coal and fuel oil as well as MFO (Marine Fuel Oil) for the initial start up.
Steam turbine is used to convert the heat energy contained in the steam into rotary energy (mechanical energy). Turbine shaft is coupled to the generator aegyo shaft so that when the turbine rotates the generator also rotates.
This equipment is used to convert sea water (brine) into fresh water (fresh aegyo water) by distillation method (a combination of evaporation and condensation). This is due to the corrosive nature of sea water, so if the sea water is allowed direct entry into the main unit, it can cause damage to plant equipment.
Has the same function with the desalination plant but used different aegyo methods. This equipment is used on semi-permeable membrane aegyo that can absorb salts contained in sea water, so it can produce fresh water such as the desalination plant.
Befungsi to remove mineral content (ion) which contained fresh water dlaam. water as the working fluid must be free from the power plant minerals, because if the water still contains minerals it is still high conductivity which can result in the induction GGL when the water is passed aegyo through piping lines in the plant. This can lead to corrosion of plant equipment.
Serves to produce the compound sodium hipoclorit (NaOCl) is used to intoxicate / debilitating / deadly while marine microorganisms in water intake. This is intended to avoid pengerakkan s calling the condenser pipes and Desal unit due to the breeding of marine microorganisms.
In general, an oil-fired aegyo boiler (fuel oil), which function to produce vapor (steam) aegyo which is used during start-up and main boiler as steam auxiliary (auxiliary steam)
A processing unit which serves both the ash and the ash fall (bottom ash) and fly ash (fly ash) from the electrostatic precipitator hopper and SDCC (Submerged Drag Chain Conveyor) on the main unit to the shelter samapai ash (Ash valley / ash yard). Each of the main components and auxiliary equipment fitted with systems and tools that support the work of the component. Disruption or malfunction of one of the main components will be able to cause disruption of the entire power plant system. Plant installation scheme as shown below;
The advantage of steam power plants are; 1) Can be operated with different fuel types. 2) Can be built with varying aegyo capacities. 3) Can be operated with different methods of loading. 4) high operating continuity. 5) Age life (Life time) is relatively long. Loss of steam power plants are; 1) is highly dependent on the fuel supply. 2) can not be operated (start) without external power supply 3) Requires the availability of cooling aegyo water are very numerous and continuous. 4) Investment expensive aegyo initially. aegyo 5) Generate residual gas air pollution that is the result of fuel combustion (gas CO2, NOx, SOx and dust coal).

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