Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Optimists point out that WPS can be disabled in the firmware of the Router wifi. Pessimists point out that this is not always the case. Back when security problems first became public, a number of Reuters were buggy and did not really WPS shuts down when prompted.
The security problem exists only with PIN authentication method, not the method button (which knows NFC). Sadly, newslaundry the routers must include the PIN authentication for Wi-Fi certified. It is mandatory. No router I've seen allows newslaundry you to disable the PIN authentication, keeping the button newslaundry method.
If you've been keeping up with technology in router wifi know that these employ a feature called WPS PIN, which lets you connect to a network by simply pressing the WPS button on this wireless router. Is no need to write any of the keys you may have said wifi wireless network, but here lies the weakness in this method of connection.
Routers are normally sold to consumers on the basis of features, not security. As a result, all consumer routers include WPS. New security key WPS PINS
Personally, I do not want anything to do with WPS. If the nerd next door wants to my wireless network, it will have to get the password from the old way - brute force guessing among the trillions and trillions of possibilities.
There used to be two ways to avoid WPS: use an oriented business or relatively expensive to install an alternative firmware, newslaundry very secure passwords wifi router like DD-WRT. Recently, however, I found a third alternative, cheap routers without WPS.
Cubiquita offers two models, each less than $ 100 have worked with their cheapest newslaundry offering that sells for around $ 40 and verified that does not support WPS. However, the firmware is clearly designed for technical consumer instead.
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