Friday, August 29, 2014

The company D-Link has launched a new product, the Wi-Fi Smart Plug, it is a smart jack, connect it

The company D-Link has launched a new product, the Wi-Fi Smart Plug, it is a smart jack, connect it to some point in the grid of your house and you plug in plates kaufman astoria electrical appliances you have, such as lamps, , television, radiators ... Everything plugs you can then control it remotely from your smartphone, you off and on, to program, monitor their consumption, prevent overheating. It is how to build an intelligent house very economically.
Imagine the possibilities: You turn on the heating in the house while you go back on the subway, in order to find the home and warm on arrival. Programs the lights in your house to come on when it gets dark, turn off the TV from the bed when you want your partner to stop and come and make you look a little case :). Lower the shutters from your smartphone when you're already out and about, so you can see while you're in and not have to grope. What other possibilities can you think of?
Wireless Smart Plug is connected to the wireless home network using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) system, ie, you click on a Smart Plug WPS button and a WPS button on the router and there you have connected to internet. This is the internet that allows you to control devices remotely from your smartphone, it is done by mydlink, application available kaufman astoria for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which connects kaufman astoria to the Wifi Smart Plug your home. The Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W215 has an official price of $ 49.99. You can see a video on youtube promotion:
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