Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Hi there. see who helps me out. It turns out that every time I turn the Modem Router, this button WPS gets red for a few seconds just as the modem is rebooting. I wonder how it's done, so this button each time you turn the Modem, return to normal color, which is bright white. Is it off by pressing the button for a few seconds; Or should we throw it, and grab a new Modem?. Since the WPS button is red when the modem restarts, best washing machine 2012 I have noticed that downloads are very slow through WI-FI, compared best washing machine 2012 to when the normal color is a bright white, when downloads best washing machine 2012 are fine. Thank you very much to help me. Greetings.
By default, unless you've activated for some reason, this function is disabled, the issue of lights best washing machine 2012 has little or nothing best washing machine 2012 to do if the function is disabled. It just lights best washing machine 2012 up like the rest of leds when you restart the device.
To see if it is off, you enter the router configuration, you will and there on your wireless network primary option. Right next to the network name is the box Automatic Security Configuration logically must be Disable.
Well, I've been in this Modem Router, and in the section of "Wirelles" was on the ENABLE option, instead of DISABLE. There, best washing machine 2012 the red LED light button. Finally. Someone here will be given the little button and active. Now it is again, the bright shining white button every time I turn on the Modem and becomes as before; That is; All right. What I do is put a sticker best washing machine 2012 next to this button, which put; "No touching this button." It's all right, and working well the WI-FI. Thanks for your help. Greetings.
Terms of Use. Legal Notices. Content licensed under Creative Commons.

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