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This is more than an inconvenience, it is a requirement. To configure a network entirely automatica

WiFi Blog Archive ironing board covers WPS, or set up a wireless network securely at the push of a button cat.
For some time, wireless equipment manufacturers have introduced into their equipment for domestic use, quick setup WPS buttons that allow us an easy way to associate each other in a safe setting (WPA / WPA2). These buttons are based on the WPS standard: Wireless Protect Secure. And in principle must be compatible with different brands.
The WPS create unattended and easy network with WPA2 security teams associating to the same wireless network. There are manufacturers that put his own name to these buttons, but they are still buttons ironing board covers that activate ironing board covers the WPS. For example Netgear calls Push 'n' Connect, TP-Link ironing board covers appoints as QSS button. Other manufacturers call them by name, ie WPS button, like D-Link or Linksys Cisco.
Of course, to set up a network automatically entirely through the WPS buttons, all computers on the network ironing board covers must support WPS, if one is not, should be attached to the network manually, and for that we find the SSID and WPA2 password ironing board covers that was automatically generated.
To configure the network we have two methods: PBC P ush- B utton C onfiguration (Pressing Button Configuration), which is basically press the WPS button that brings our access point and our wifi adapter. After waiting a few seconds will do an exchange of information as a result we will have our computer connected to our network access point with the corresponding encryption.
PIN (numeric ironing board covers code). ironing board covers Here we have two options, either put the PIN of the access ironing board covers point in the configurator of our USB device ironing board covers or put our USB device PIN in the configuration of the access point to add us. This code is a number between 4 and 8 numbers.
Advantages using PBC configuration button is useful when, for example do not have a PC to configure the access point as long as WiFi devices all our clients and the access point support the WPS protocol. When users are neophytes in the configuration of the equipment. With this functionality and just pressing the WPS button on both devices, these partners will be configured in just a minute with encryption included. No one needs to know the network name and password, as by default this is randomly generated using the WPS button. The password to be randomly generated numbers and letters, can not be ascertained by typical dictionary attacks. The WPS traffic uses EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) is a type of strong authentication protocol that is used, for example, WPA2 encryption itself. Both Windows Vista with Windows 7 support WPS partially, and as for Windows XP only have to install ironing board covers a small utility to make it work. Even today not all devices support WPS still generally almost all new models of all brands ironing board covers are starting to implement it. You just have to look for the WPS logo on the box or in the list of characteristics of the equipment.
This is more than an inconvenience, it is a requirement. To configure a network entirely automatically through the WPS buttons, all computers on the network must support WPS, however, if one is not, we can configure it manually, and for that we find the SSID and WPA2 password that was automatically generated, which is usually ironing board covers a random sequence of numbers and letters that can be seen on the security settings of the access point. The Ad-Hoc mode does not support WPS. The Ad-hoc mode is used when two devices communicate with each other point to point without an access point.
Testing WPS devices were chosen multiple devices from different manufacturers to test this functionality. As access points have been tested: D-Link DIR-825: The characteristics of the equipment indicates Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and the box has the logo of WPS TP-Link TL-WA901ND: QSS, Quick Security Setup. It has the logo itself QSS equipment connecting TP-LINK button through, however the WPS protocol used is therefore compatible with other brands.
Cisco Linksys E3000: No stand or WPS indicates on the box or on the characteristics of the manufacturer, but the button in the center of the team has the logo and the WPS to press to activate this functionality.
As wireless USB devices have been tested: TP-Link TL-WN821N: Indicates the TP-Link logo QSS as the access point and the USB device. has physical button to press. Netgear WNDA3100: ironing board covers Comes with a logo and a Secure Connection WPS logo on the side of the box. Have physical button to press.

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