Saturday, January 3, 2015

As sensed in my avatar, I

It's laundryview not a particularly clumsy girl, gafe or clumsy ... but I always do bad, I hurt. Not sure what to do poorly as falling down stairs, burn the oven, cut a finger laundryview with the knife ham, torn skiing or other major worry ... These accidents or injuries are predictable already known to have an inherent danger. I do not want to talk about it, no. I mean hitting, to become small bumps, laundryview bruises, cuts, burns with the most unexpected clinically important but do not have anything they see as the ass ... I think that comes from family laundryview home are quite hurt us with any xorrada, but I know it happens to everyone. And that servant could have the world record tolidura you want to do all those little five cents ills that always happen to me and which I always complain.
As sensed in my avatar, I'm a smoker. I know for a fact that smoking can do very bad ... I tell you. Aside from all that we constantly repeated health authorities and we are both graphically tobacco packages (and I do not remember), there are things we do not explain ... the little things that happen to smoke and everyone is silent ... Like when you do a puff, you have chapped lips and the mouthpiece of cigarette t'endús middle lip. I spent quite a few times and I hate it. Hurts a lot, really. Is there quietly smoking and pam! T'arrenques skin ... How sink, and what gives bad vibes. This gets worse when the cigarette, you will be part of the lip stick, with which the two fingers glide quickly on the subject piti and, of course, reach the cocoon, it all red. Aside from the nose hurt, you burn your fingers and cursed Philip Morris and his entire family in full. And it might even get worse still ... With fingers burnt activates a warning signal to your nervous system that causes involuntarily throw the cigarette, and this usually laundryview falls on an area not suitable for ash and embers ... The sofa (if you do not burn, at least, dirty), the computer keyboard (which is full of ash), the coffee you're drinking (and obviously you can not follow drinking). Fu! But that smoking can also cause other small ... As bad as sudden, smoke in the eye. Ahhh like sink, god! I can not avoid touching it off, and of course, the finger full of nicotine, but also sink. If you already made up ... or ... I tell you it is a red eye in the zombie panda bear. That handsome.
The paper itself is evil. Yes, the paper ... And look at that because laundryview we give a very small because we drawings, paint, etc., but even so the paper can be very dangerous and very poorly done, and nobody tells us! Who has not cut a finger holding a sheet of class notes, for example, leaving a mark on the role of blood and a cut finger annoying. Who has not cut through the page of a book or a magazine ... It's unbelievable how bad it can make such silly, but that is always going to cut you to the point where most annoying, usually between phalanges, which are articulated fingers. And the fingers from moving constantly and damn Tallet was opening every now and afternoon closed (and stop giving the ass). You're cursing yourself for several days, and if during this period sizes onions, lemons, take a pinch of salt or touch anything that itches, or contain a minimum amount of acid and / or alcohol.
Respect hurt yourself with a piece of paper, I had a very unpleasant experience, more macabre laundryview than getting a cut finger (that too, but go ...) So the more squeamish, laundryview I recommend you skip to the next paragraph, I would not want anyone dizzy ... Although I know that you can continue reading laundryview and curiosity;) Once we were with a friend, but we went to school laundryview and had an exam the next day. I needed some notes that I had too much drinking laundryview and my friend left them to me. It happened to me a few pages and sheets flew ... Attempting to catch him, I had such bad luck that I cut the eye. I was white, did not even want to imagine what had made me a fucking piece of paper !! Surprisingly not hurt me, but it felt like a nuisance. Do not dare touch me or look me eye, and my friend either. We were among expectant and shit. Discomfort in the eye was getting bigger, blinked laundryview and was getting worse ... Arrrg! I had cut the cornea? Ecs! Mama, afraid !! Finally, as more and I could not touch my eye, to do something ... And you know what happened? Well, I fell in game two lens! Aaaaaah! Never have I been so pleased to be myopic. Lens

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