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Determining the bed for the baby we are hard to shift easily, before we determine buying a crib we

Determining the bed for the baby we are hard to shift easily, before we determine buying a crib we need to consider máquina several factors. Because our baby will sleep there for the first few months, do we need a wide berth or we choose a bed that is smaller and more convenient. Approximately here are some factors that need to be considered: new Ideally, but if the crib or the old basket, but should have a new mattress, because the old mattress can harbor bacteria and fungi. Avoid mattress containing a flame retardant known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). Make sure the crib or bassinet and mattress fit so that no part of your baby's body, not even a baby can be terjeb fingers between the mattress and crib it.
Choosing a blanket is as important as choosing the color of the blanket that is used in the bassinet, it is very important to ensure that our baby safe and comfortable in his sleep. At this time will help us as parents máquina to relax and rest when the baby is asleep. máquina
We'll mu ngkin find crib often change as a result of leakage of diapers at night. It concerns us that helps to minimize sleep disturbances and ensure comfort.
Need a spare bed late and bedding under or near the bed so that you are able to change quickly wet blanket at night and provide a laundry basket near the bassinet.
Choose s eprai cotton and blankets are lightweight, comfortable, máquina and, preferably, cotton blankets, which 'breathe' 'an d can be washed easily. Material Duvets are not suitable for babies under one year because they are too heavy and pose a risk of suffocation. Instead, layer sheets / blankets and light to keep him at the right temperature.
In Indonesia (Java) there is the term "bedong" that is our baby wrap with cloth, it is usually intended that the baby is not too much shaken suppose because surprised or shocked. With at bedong also will make your baby warm. For swaddling a baby should not be done when the baby is still wet from the shower or in a state of hunger. Not too tight in binding the fabric allows the knee flexed baby can not force straighten the knee due to an injury prone. Usually infants until the age of one month dressed in cloth bedong, when we have grown old baby usually without dibedongpun will comfortably sleep.
Sleeping bag / baby bag is used for traveling either for slightly older babies who may already be kicked. Choose a quilted cotton bag that easily fastens our shoulders. Choose máquina appropriate for the age and size of the baby, with the appropriate máquina weight. Bags can be assessed for warmth like a blanket.
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