Thursday, January 15, 2015

The second guest house that I found on as a venue in Kyoto is Hitsuji

One time I ever read a travel writer who tweets about it, 'try not ever stay in backpacker-style guest house and slept in bunk beds ...'. True enough, I thought. But frankly the main reason I chose to stay at the guest house while to Japan this time (Nov 2013) Case is not because they want to try to sleep in bunk beds but rather to look for cheap lodging, comfortable and safe because I will move to several cities with time a relatively short stay, the longest just 2 nights alone. So, stay at the hotel was not my choice.
So I started browsing this guest house on Of the itinerary that I collated (assisted Rie Tanaka - my friend in Japan), I'll domotec go to Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima and around Tokyo. domotec During my stay in Tokyo apartment Rie.
There are two main considerations for me in choosing the venue, the first place must be close to the station (at least if you do not have to walk too far really), the second line with my budget range.
In Kyoto I stayed at two places, Small World Guest House (603-8175 We wards, Kita-ku Murasaki Shimotorida 25-10, domotec Kyoto). Why stay in two different places? Actually this is one of a blessing in disguise as well: D When booking the first time, I thought the stay 1 night in Kyoto enough, and I had a lock on Small World for one night only when finally my friend Rie said, I need to at least stay for 2 night in Kyoto. So I was forced to book a place again in different areas.
From the station I chose to take the bus to Kyoto-Shimotorida majors, was a stray and finally with the help of a young child, I managed to find this address. Place in the middle of a quiet residential area. In a small alley neat and very clean. The owner of a Japanese dreadlocked (ala-ala rasta) welcomed me in a cloudy afternoon. After the business domotec pay paying finish (average guest house in Japan do not accept payment by credit card, so prepare cash in Yen), the owner and manager drove me around to show my bed, how to turn on the heating, location toilet (there are two kinds, western domotec toilets and toilets Japanese style), kitchen and dining room.
Overall pretty good Small World. Clean, small with dim lights, bedroom separate women and men, in each bed fitted blinds and there is a small shelf that is very useful to put small items. Bathrooms domotec are equipped with hot water. The kitchen though small, comes with all the tools we need for cooking and heating food.
There was a small incident that had made me shocked at this place. During the day after a walk to Daitokuji Temple (This temple that is located domotec closest to the Small World), I decided to go home to rest. In the room, I became domotec acquainted with new friends from Finland, named Heli Koistinen. Heli story that night took me to the supermarket. We buy groceries for dinner such as instant noodles, eggs and bananas. Once back at the inn, the Heli is busy looking for a pot to cook instant noodles her. Indeed, there is no pan like aluminum pans, but I could see on the bottom shelf no heat resistant pot and that I think can be used also to cook the noodles. Know what happened after I returned to the kitchen? ... Olala ... Si Caucasians being cook instant domotec noodles to wear ... kettles! Yes kettles are just the only one there in the kitchen. When I asked, why do you cook it? Briefly he replied, I do not see any wok or pot to cook ...! Later on, while I cook instant noodles in the pan heat resistance, I think, memangnya in Finland is not no pot of this kind to cook? What she did not know this pan can be used to cook? ... As a result of the evening I had to work hard to wash clean the kettle for the sake of making a mug of hot tea to ward off the cold: D
The second guest house that I found on as a venue in Kyoto is Hitsuji's Guest House (604-8275 Kyoto Nakagyo Ward, Nakagyo-ku, Miyagi-cho 472-1). Early in the morning I already walk from Small World to the station. Since I only have one more day to explore Kyoto, so must manfaatin time as possible.
Armed with a street plan given Rie, this time Hitsuji late can I find it very easily. The new hour show at 9 am when I got there. Not able to check in because the average guest house in Japan set a clock to check in around 4pm. I met with the owner and managers, Nori san were super friendly and nice. He did not hesitate to thrust Kyoto city maps and all the must see places complete with bus lines that pass. A fun, card to ride his bus was sold there. Folder

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