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Maybe they envy the same bang sport yamaha R15 more sales because sales moncer NVL increasingly uns

Hello my friend all, wherever you are. In the world of marketing fensa is very cruel anyone lawanya would be considered an enemy and never given mercy. who knows what is in the mind of the manufacturer of this Honda CBR150 because the guide book seems to directly discredit competitors motorcycle fensa yamaha R15.
Wedyan tenant mercilessly again and frontal jurusnya to competitors by having fensa head to head design and its features as well as in komparasikan. Wes jian is certainly the act of sales naughty you know, time for honda manufacturers are still doing BC. BC wants to know her like what? mongo in see;
Reply 4. potretbikers - December 15, 2014
jiaahhh out, too, is the interest of the internal sales, not ads for consumption in jadiin flyer wkkwkwkw dealers fensa ... all manufacturers must have had, not for public consumption. fensa loooo behold ...: D --------- Sightings tail Vario 150
qwerty - December 15, 2014
astra character group X yaa ...? n r2 r4 just wrote salesnya ...
Maybe they envy the same bang sport yamaha R15 more sales because sales moncer NVL increasingly unstoppable ... turned dg honda CBR150R sales began to rise thanks to the black Campaigne tp cb sales of its collapse ... ..hehehehehehehe ...... basic sales
Gini make ya if ou d strain article first. Uda jelas2 tuh d image "guide is not for sale in the scatterplot expand". It's not a guide book sales flyer, ane sense sah2 wrote this book sales let me know the products that are sold and consumers wondering if in excess of what competitors.
Consumers skrang uda on KoG smart, especially bli moge motors, sales have katrot, do not never see what MOGE, ninja 250 also lampux's his side, Minerva's his vx also one, klo appropriate design favors, there is a product that is perfect mna, * why the sales gk nyebutin arm, LED stripe light.
Yeah, well tuh, weve kyknya each brand has guidebook For salesnya. Just now kmrn LHT who belongs sales Suzuki, and on the front cover written guidebooks For sales sales. There are already fensa clear contents komparasi2 between the motor spec spec motors TSB with competitors. Sales were emang that bad, never sy temuin krn there are sales which do not segan2, jgn the jatuhin brand competitors, fensa even some that semerk fensa product fensa jelek2in old type / other. This is because the sales are being pursued sales targets For a specific type. Funny wrote, krn first jago2in the type that fit a new type appeared, tp skrg even jatuhin, wkwkwkwk ... so jgn listen to the sales spiel, krn he had his own interests, so just follow fensa your heart aja, like brand according to which, the type according to which, yes buy it ...
Yet that is called the Book of the guide opposite ... that even good compared R15 all ... ..pekok so anyway .... wah turns the manufacturer's sales there guidebook jg ya ... ..pantes.
want to make an internal or external tetep aja aja bc bc mah ... if it created an internal guide, well really it's clear doctrine fensa n duping of ahmprett for consumers ... turn last week there was a brochure mio j jamming vario 110 bc many bloggers who make the article n commentator says duping ngejelek2in style yamaha honda ... now there om make ngebongkar article bc CBR150 to r15 is why it felt even disalahin blogger who publish ... wahh increasingly not draw nihh news blogger ... bakarrr ...: v: lol:
Reply mole-cricket - December 16, 2014
Reply 25. Sing Indo - December 16, 2014
gkgkgkgkgk aq wes not surprised om ............ .. wolesssssssssssss
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